Flooding on the ground in Romania, but Gospel floods the air

By May 10, 2005

Romania (MNN) — More storms and floods have damaged hundreds of homes in Romania, where some 3,700 people were evacuated after flooding last month. According Romanian officials, the latest floods in the south and east cut electricity in some 17 villages.

However, Little Samaritan Mission’s Florin Pindicblaj says, “We are privileged to flood the air above Romania with the living water, which is God’s word. God’s word has power.”

Little Samaritan is operating 18 Christian radio stations in Romania, but they have opportunity to open even more. “Still we have eight licenses, eight frequencies to open eight radio stations. Four of them we’ve got to be on the air, some how, at the beginning of June. Four of them a little bit later as the Lord will provide the resources.”

Pindicblaj says it will cost $20,000 each to get these stations on the air. “$20,000 will build a radio station. (It) will put the equipment, will get all the blue prints, all of the approvals, and start running.”

To help keep these stations on the air can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,200 per month.

This is a small price to pay for sharing Christ, says Pindicblaj. “If you would read the letters that we receive and you will be there when the phones are ringing of the testimonies of thousands of people who accepted Christ and their lives are being transformed and restored and the Christians are being fed. It’s one of the greatest tools to share the Gospel.”

You can help Little Samaritan Mission plan more radio stations by clicking on the highlighted link above.

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