Floresta commits to a long term solution to Haiti’s woes.

By May 16, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–In September 2004, Hurricane Jeanne lashed northern Haiti with heavy rains causing extensive damage and flooding in urban and rural areas.

Today, Gonaives is still struggling to overcome the destruction. A Haitian official warns that thousands must relocate or risk being caught in deadly mudslides or flash floods. With the deadly hurricane season approaching, that is becoming a real threat.

Floresta’s Scott Sabin says they’ve committed to a long-term reforestation project with their Haiti and Dominican Republic teams. “Both sides of the border are connected by common problems. Illegal logging occurs on one side of the border to make charcoal to be sold on the other side of the border. There’s all sorts of problems and issues that are shared in common between the Haitians and the Dominicans.”

Floresta has a number of environmental and agricultural programs working in the country, and have witnessed firsthand how agroforestry projects work to bring about sustainable communities.

Sabin says it’s all part of a ministry effort. “Our staff works very hard to work holistically. When we come alongside people offering economic assistance our staff is also ready to pray with people, to share with them why we are there. As we make that long term commitment, it offers a perfect platform for discipelship.”

Floresta’s mission is to meet the physical, economic and spiritual needs of the rural poor by reversing the cycle of deforestation, poverty and migration. It also arranges for micro-enterprise loans to help to start small businesses and finance farms.

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