Food crisis in Zambia hits Teen Missions International

By March 16, 2006

Zambia (MNN) — An extreme shortage of corn meal has Teen Missions International on alert. According to reports, the shortage is wide-spread because of poor crop yields in previous harvests. It’s forcing many to eat leaves and other poorly-nutritious foods to just stay alive.

Unfortunately, the food shortage has hit Teen Missions’ AIDS orphan program, says Bob Bland. “We got reports in that in one of our places where we have an AIDS orphan rescue unit that three babies had died and starved to death and other people are starving. They have not eaten for days and there is no food in the villages.”

Teen Missions is raising money to ship in 10 units of meal, Bland says. “We’ve raised about $9,000 now to send over. But, just to do 10 units is going to take $25,000. It takes about $2,500 for each of those villages to get at least three sacks of meal out to them, which they feel will last them six weeks.”

According to Bland, this type of ministry earns respect of the people, which is good for evangelism. “It’s a matter of earning the right to be heard. And, the people look to us because they know us and when you’ve been there when they are starving to death and you’ve brought food and then you want to show the Jesus Film and you want to share the Gospel, they are very open to you because you’re the ones that helped them.”

Teen Missions is now trying to build churches. “We’re setting up a circuit riding deal on motorcycles that will go from village to village to share the Gospel,” which he hopes will help lead many to Christ.

In the mean time, your financial help is need to support this program. Click on the link below to get connected.

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