Food distribution providing evangelistic opportunities in Liberia

By February 5, 2004

Liberia (MNN) — After years of violence related to civil war, there’s an atmosphere of calm in Liberia. That mood is paving the way for outreach in a country that’s facing an incredible battle for souls in that nation.

New Life World Aid, the relief and development arm of Campus Crusade for Christ International, is partnering with a Liberian pastor to start a hot meal feeding program. Aaron Rogers is with New Life World Aid. “Rather than just drop a bunch of aid, (we) would like to prepare hot meals in local churches and invite people into the church,” says Rogers.

Implementing a program like this is important, says Rogers. “If you just drop the aid, most likely the people would just sell it in the black market for money and many times the children and the women would continue to suffer.”

Money is being raised for the program. Rogers says as more money is raised they can work with more pastors in Liberia. He says, “The pastors who are heading up these churches share with the people the reason we we’re doing what we do. And, they have an opportunity to preach a message as well. And, as the people have their meals the people are invited to come back the next day to see a film about Jesus.”

$25 can provide meals to 50 people. Rogers says the food is an important part of the outreach. “(We) needed some kind of a hook to bring the people in. If you just bring in people who are hungry and talk to them about the Gospel and the love and compassion of Christ it would mean nothing,” says Rogers. He says, “By inviting them in, by feeding them, by meeting their physical needs, they also feel that these people love us and we should see what this film is all about.”

Pray that funding would become available to expand the program. If you would like to help go to

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