Food for the Hungry rushes emergency food aid to Niger’s starving.

By September 8, 2005

Niger (MNN) — Aid groups are responding to the dire needs of Niger’s starving people. 3.6 million people, over 25-percent of Niger’s population, are at risk for starvation. This number includes 800,000 children.

Food for the Hungry launched an emergency response team and has partnered with JEMED, a locally registered Christian development and Church planting organization to distribute food.

JEMED has been active in Niger for nearly 20 years, situating them to be a major player in current relief efforts.

The focus right now is primarily on short-term emergency relief among Niger’s heavily affected nomadic communities, They’re also planning long-term efforts for food security programs aimed at stabilizing food stocks and agricultural production.

Pray that God will work through His people to provide hope through physical aid and open the doors to spiritual aid as well.

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