Food For The Poor announces a massive Jamaican project.

By July 23, 2004

Jamaica (MNN)–A key project will help revive the Jamaica’s agricultural sector.

The industry remains the cornerstone for the development and transformation of rural Jamaica. Food For the Poor’s Angel Aloma says they’re coming on board to help get things moving.

One main problem is the issue of survival during the growing seasons. To answer that complexity, FFP joined with the United States Department of Agriculture to form the “Rural Economic Agricultural Program” or REAP.

By supplying food to 60,000 poor farming families, the farmers will then be able to buy seed for their farms. These families will also be attending training seminars designed to improve agricultural production, crop diversification and marketing techniques.

Aloma explains why it works. “By doing this, we are trying to encourage agriculture once again as a main industry in the island to be able to be less dependent on imports. So, it’ll help with the deficit of the government if they can import less, produce more and be more self sufficient.”

Aloma says their goal, though, is ministry. “We are working through missionaries, through pastors and churches. We believe very strongly in helping the least of his brothers and sisters to be able to be self sufficient, because we do believe that once the basic needs of the body are met, then the person is more open to receiving the Word of God.”

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