Foot washing teams share the Gospel in Zambia

By October 10, 2005

Zambia (MNN) — Washing someone’s feet is an incredible display of servanthood. Jesus did this for His disciples. Foot washing was what a Teen Missions International team used lead many young people to Christ in Zambia.

President of Teen Missions International, Bob Bland, says Foot Washing Ministry was a first for them. Bland says teens traveled with nothing more than a backpack of their personal belongings, and a duffle bag full of shoes and socks, to reach out to AIDS orphans in the region. “Most of them have never owned a pair of shoes before in their life. First of all, they had to treat their feet because many of them had sores and worm infestation and we had to treat that first. And then they washed their feet and put socks on them and put shoes on them.”

Bland says they distributed 6,000 pairs of socks and 2,400 pairs of shoes in Jesus’ Name. But, that’s not all the ministry they did though. Bland says, “They’d take their puppets and share the Gospel and all day long they would be sharing the Gospel in various ways and some of them (were) helping them learn to read. We had hundreds of young people that accepted Christ as their personal Savior.”

According to Bland, this is just the beginning of a wonderful ministry. He says, “We have two teams going next year to Malawi and one to Zambia. We’re collecting shoes for that now.”

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