Former Haitian Witchdoctor could lead many to Christ

By May 19, 2004

Haiti (MNN/OMS) — A witchdoctor, in the Deye-Mon village in Southwest Haiti, accepted Jesus shortly after Christmas 2003 and today continues to walk faithfully with Christ.
David (the grandson of Radio 4VEH founder, Rev. G.T. Bustin) and RaeLeen Bustin, partnering with OMS International missionaries, report in May 2004 that Yon Yon has continued to faithfully witness to his community and has demonstrated a totally changed life, by the power of Christ, since the New Year. David says, “It seems like something has been unlocked in our community since Yon Yon accepted Jesus. He definitely is a very influential man among his people. Many have had their eyes opened to the wickedness of voodoo since (he) became a Christian.”

The Bustin’s related that while attending a voodoo dance on Christmas Eve, Yon Yon was nearly beaten to death after telling his voodoo followers he wanted a Radio 4VEH fix-tuned, solar-powered radio to learn about Jesus. The Bustins later found Yon Yon’s body smelling of death–covered in blood, badly burned after being dragged through a fire, and missing an eye. They took him to a nearby hospital where he was unconscious for over 30 hours.

The Bustins had been witnessing to Yon Yon for many years, and he had promised to accept Christ into his life after he received a radio. While in the Cayes medical clinic, a few days after the beating took place, Yon Yon accepted the Lord.

In February YoYo was able to attend church for the first time. When David Bustin asked Yon Yon to share his testimony he recounted how he had wasted his life serving Satan. “The more I gave to the demons, the more they took from me. Finally, they wanted my life also. When I was given up for dead is when God stepped in. Now, that I belong to Jesus, and my sins are forgiven, I am determined to serve the Lord,” shared Yon Yon.

After that church service, a large group of Christians went to Yon Yon’s house to destroy his witchcraft items. As the voodoo idols went up in flames, so did the livelihood of this Haitian man. Yet, he was honored when asked if they could hold Sunday evening services in his home. “This home is not mine anymore. It belongs to Jesus,” said Yon Yon. That night, four people accepted Christ.

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