Fresh water helps pave the way for ministry in Africa.

By October 12, 2004

Nigeria, Ghana (MNN)–Regardless of religion or the difficulty of reaching the area, Operation Blessing’s Living Water teams made sure village water pumps worked before moving on.

The teams became the hands and feet of Christ in areas that are mainly Muslim in Nigeria and Ghana. As a result, nearly 18-thousand people in nine villages in those countries have access to new clean water wells for the first time.

In some places in Ghana, whole communities of children and adults had been without access to clean water for two years.

Many poor rural villages do not have access to clean water. Through the Living Water program, individuals can go to a newly dug or refurbished well when they need water for cooking, drinking and cleaning instead of having to depend on the rain or other sources which are likely contaminated.

$50 can provide a lifetime of water for an individual. An average water bill for a household in the US is approximately $50 per month.

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