Funding is all that’s needed to reach thousands in Mexico

By August 25, 2004

Mexico (MNN) — A Bible translation ministry is giving you an opportunity to invest in someone’s eternal future in among two people groups in rural Mexico.

The indigenous languages of the King and Oak people are vastly different from Spanish, the national language of the country. Unlike Spanish, their languages have very long complex words that are created by attaching numerous affixes. Children grow up speaking their native language in their home.

The Seed Company is a next generation entity of Wycliffe Bible Translators. They’re focusing on providing Scripture in these two languages. God has raised up a gifted team of nationals to work on these translations, including pastors and a computer technician.

The Seed Company is asking for your help. Through your partnership in bringing God’s Word to 450,000 people, they will hear Him speak to them in their own language, and they’ll know they have not been forgotten.

$28,500 is all that’s needed to complete these two projects. Projects the Seed Company hopes will be completed by 2008.

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