Funds are needed to replenish emergency supplies

By January 9, 2006

USA (MNN) — 2005 was saw disaster after disaster hit areas all over the world. Those disasters have contributed to the depletion of funds that help people in emergency situations — allowing many organizations to share the Gospel as they help.

Hopegivers International was one organization that was hit especially hard. The organization specializes in rescuing children across India, Africa and Pakistan. Much of their budget was spent on unplanned emergency relief efforts.

The tsunami forced Hopegivers to open five orphanages to take care of many of the thousands of children left orphaned by the disaster. The famine in Malawi required them to start an emergency food distribution program and begin planning to open an orphanage. They also rushed food, clothing, water and medical teams into Pakistan in response to the earthquake that killed 79,000 and left three million homeless.

Now, their emergency relief funds are extremely low. These funds allow Hopegivers to reach out physically in Jesus’ Name, giving them a platform to share the Gospel.

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