G-8 wraps up with promises for peace in the Middle East.

By June 14, 2004

Middle East (MNN)–Leaders at the G-8 Summit agreed to cooperate in a push for reform in the Middle East.

Jobs and new industry will be key to seeing peace come to the embattled region, specifically Iraq. Allies to the United States are asked to help guide the transformation to a stable democracy.

However, SAT-7’s Glen Hartson says the actual practice of peace may be more difficult. “I think there’s still a great skepticism, and I think that is partially because it has been such a closed area for centuries. To have a power come in now and try to change what has been in place, there’s just a real hesitation and question.”

Hartson says even as the violence mounts, their team remains committed, and people are responding to hope. “People within the region themselves are very hesitant expressing their faith. Certainly individuals that are hearing the Gospel through SAT-7 unique broadcasting are somewhat reluctant as well to ask questions or indicate that they’re watching because of the unrest that’s going on.”

Hartson adds that while a terror threat exists, because they stay out of politics, their teams are generally unmolested.

SAT-7, a 24/7 broadcast satellite outreach, is watched by over six million people across the Middle East and North Africa. Pray that many respond to the hope of Christ.

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