Gift catalogs help the poverty-stricken.

By December 16, 2005

International (MNN)–Food For The Poor is helping people find the most unusual Christmas gifts.

But there are thousands living in the Caribbean, Latin America and Central America who are not celebrating a traditional Christmas.

For these families, there are more important things to deal with. When a family sleeping in a cardboard shack receives a real home, that family receives the beautiful gift of security for the present and potential for the future.

FFP’s Angel Aloma says they have a catalog geared to helping benefit those who have nothing but their faith in God. It can also help teach very important lessons about giving.

He explains that this year, he’s teaching this exact lesson to his four-year old grandson. “I’m giving my grandson the ‘Three Little Pigs’ for Christmas. He’s getting the certificate that goes along with this; you cut it out, you send it in. For example, in ‘Three Little Pigs’, you send in $100 to Food For The Poor and a poor family in our countries will receive three pigs.”

Aloma says the catalog especially appeals to Christians. When asked his opinion why that is so, he responded, “Their hearts are already prepared for charity, whereas those who are in the secular world, who are, as Jesus said, ‘Of the world’, they’re thinking of other things. The people who are reading this already have a mindset to respect the Gospel mandate.”

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