Gifts and growth for a Haitian ministry.

By November 3, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–We turn next to Haiti where growth is creating its own set of challenges for a ministry. For Haiti with Love’s Eva DeHart says two major cargo gifts came in. But there’s a problem. “You can’t do more than you get, and we’ve always been a ministry of faith that operated in November, on what came in, in October. October dropped off better than 50-percent for some reason. It is going to make November really challenging.”

DeHart says they have a years’ supply of powdered baby formula, 38 pallets of food packets, and 43,000 pounds of split black beans on the way…all necessary parts of their ongoing food program. The cargo fees on these supplies have exceeded the budget, making other areas of their outreach more vulnerable to the financial squeeze.

It boils down to their funding. “Unfortunately, things are not getting better in Haiti.” DeHart adds. “There are still no jobs and people starving, so there is actually an increase in need.”

The bright note is that the reputation of the ministry as Christ-centered has taken a new direction. The Haitians recently launched worship services with the ministry.
DeHart says many felt this completed their work. “The very first service that we had, they had to lock the gates at 1500 people because we just didn’t have a place to put any more. They’ve even started Bible study groups and they’re coming and doing Bible studies.”

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