Global Aid Network continues to reach out to refugees in Sudan.

By June 30, 2006

Sudan (MNN) — As the violence in Sudan continues to spread, humanitarian aid groups and human rights groups are urging higher level intervention by the United Nations and African Union. Even with the peace accord being signed two months ago, the desperate humanitarian crisis seems to be getting worse.

Global Aid Network, or GAiN-USA, has been working alongside ministry partners in Sudan since 2004, providing food, clean water and basic supplies to thousands of refugees in the Darfur region.

Safe drinking water is the most critical need for these displaced peoples. Many deaths are caused by water-related illnesses. The three years of violence and instability are blamed for sickness, disease and malnutrition that have led to as many as 350,000 deaths.

Despite the dire conditions, GAiN is finding ways to demonstrate the love and hope of Christ to thousands of suffering and hurting people. GAiN works in cooperation with Sudanese Christian partners, and God is opening access to entire regions where hundreds of thousands of refugees have returned.

There are many ongoing and immediate financial needs. Contact GAiN-USA to find out how you can help.

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