God opens doors for outreach during Haiti’s uprising.

By March 24, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Police and former rebels are in emergency talks to try and quell sporadic violence.

Law enforcement officers are gradually returning to their posts, much to the ire of the rebels who are claiming the city as theirs in the President’s ouster.

Jean Bertrand Aristide left the country February 29, claiming he was forced from power by the United States. Some 3,300 troops from the United States, France, Chile and Canada are in Haiti as peacekeepers.

That said, the bulk of the violence seems to have settled while Aristide seeks asylum. Men For Missions’ Dick McLeish says the uprising forced many radio stations off the air.

However, “Radio 4VEH was able to stay on the air the whole time. We have gotten some very powerful testimonies from Haitians who said what a beacon of hope, listening to Radio 4VEH and knowing that it was still on the air and be able to hear the powerful message of Jesus Christ and the Gospel that was carrying forward.”

Perhaps it was the non-political stance of Radio 4VEH, but most certainly, so says a statement from Men 4 Missions, it was God’s protection that spared the station from violence and physical damage.

McLeish says the unrest did force them to postpone short-term mission trips into the area. However, word from the missionaries on the ground in Haiti is that by April, it should be safe. “So, we are starting to contact those folks again and the teams that we had scheduled for the middle of April on through the rest of the year, we’ll be sending them in.”

Pray for the protection of Radio 4VEH and the downlinks in La Tortue (4VET) and Pignon (4VEP) and for the equipment as it is the vehicle for carrying the Word over the airwaves.

Pray for the radio staff and technicians as they prepare the programs and work on technical problems. Men For Missions is the layman’s voice of OMS International.

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