“Godman” is getting more attention in the wake of “The Passion”

By March 17, 2004

International (MNN) — As millions of people have seen the Mel Gibson film “The Passion of the Christ”, Book of Hope officials believe it will generate more interest for their new film “Godman.” Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says, “It’s coming out at a perfect time to follow up on the momentum that “The Passion” has created.”

Book of Hope International provides God’s word to children around the world through a book they call “The Book of Hope.” Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says they will be reaching young people through an animated film called, “Godman.”

As “The Passion of the Christ” has interested many adults to get a better understanding of Christ’s sacrifice, markers of the “Godman” is hoping to have the same impact, according to Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins. “You have a massive audience that’s saying, ‘I love ‘The Passion’, I love the message it conveyed, but I don’t want to take my kids to it because of the violence that’s there and the way it’s depicted,” he says.

The “Godman” is intended for a different audience. Hoskins says, “Our target audience is children and youth and it is more than just the passion. It’s the life and passion of Jesus, because we start in creation and do a quick montage through the fall of man until we get to see the miracles of Christ, some of His teaching, and then of course we do convey the passion — the crucifixion — and then of course the resurrection, and tell the story of redemption.”

Hoskins says this will reach a group of young people who can’t benefit from the written Book of Hope. “33-percent of the children of the world who can’t read, this will become the Gospel for them,” says Hoskins.

The “Godman” is expected to be completed by the end of this year in English and Spanish initially, with more languages planned later.

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