‘Godman’ saves many at first showing in Argentina

By July 13, 2005

Argentina (MNN) — It has been years in the making, but the Book of Hope International’s new evangelistic tool made its premier in Argentina recently with incredible results. It’s called “The Godman,” a 3D animated film on the life of Christ that’s geared toward kids.

Book of Hope’s Executive Director Rob Hoskins describes the new film. “It’s done in character generated animation much like Shrek or Monsters Inc, but it’s photo realistic so the Jesus is in a life-like form. And, (we’ve seen) an incredible response from the kids. And, it’s great to finally see a vision and a dream you’ve had become reality for the purpose it was intended for, which is to lead children and young people to a knowledge of who Jesus is.”

The English version of the Godman was launched a few months ago. Buenos Aires, Argentina was the site of the Spanish debut. Hoskins says they blanketed an area with their Book of Hope distribution to get kids to the film showing. “We were able to reach in one neighborhood about 26,000 kids and invite them to the film at the end of the week. We had over 3,000 show up for the movie. And, of those 3,000 over 600 gave their hearts to Jesus Christ.”

English and Spanish are just two of the languages in which the film will be released, says Hoskins. “We’re working very aggressively to put it in Portuguese, we are moving forward with the Arabic. We have permission to get on Indian national television, so we’ll be doing it in seven Indian languages. We have put French to the front burner because of some opportunities we have in French-speaking Africa.”

Ultimately hundreds of languages will be produced. Hoskins says funding is a great need right now. “We’re looking about $15,000 to $20,000 per language dub. And, as quickly as we can find people that have a passion for a certain language we’re linking them up to provide the funding so that we can get the “Godman” into these languages.”

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