God’s Word spreads throughout China, despite persecution.

By April 6, 2005

China (MNN) — The radio airwaves of China have been spreading the Word of God in the Mandarin language now for one year. Thanks to a partnership formed especially for this outreach project, the International Bible Society, Faith Comes By Hearing, and Trans World Radio joined up one year ago to broadcast the Gospel across China.

Peter Bradley with IBS says it’s reaching many people with the Gospel: “Most of the listeners are in the rural areas, and of course that’s where the high illiteracy rate is in China, that’s where it’s so difficult to get Bibles into because the distribution network in that part of their country is pretty tough; and of course that’s also where the growth is in Christianity, a huge growth in the number of new believers is in the rural areas.”

The reports are encouraging, and people are so grateful for the precious 15 minutes a day of God’s Word, broadcast from Trans World Radio’s station in Guam. In a land known to persecute Christians, people are saying that God’s Word is their food for survival. Many are hungry for Scripture, and Bradley says that IBS is helping meet that crucial need.

What about the persecution happening to house churches and Christians throughout China? Bradley says, “We find it’s very mixed. It depends on which province you’re in, in China. Some of the provinces are very open to Christianity, and allow the house churches to operate without any hindrance from the government. Others, of course, there is heavy persecution. But our role, really, is to bring the Gospel to these people, and they seem more than willing to meet with us, even though in some areas it might be a little risky.”

Continue to pray that God’s Word will go forth throughout China, that many will come to know Him, and that those suffering persecution will be strengthened and encouraged by the Word and other believers.

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