Gospel expedition in Russia did more than evangelism

By August 30, 2004

Russia (MNN) — The record breaking Gospel Expedition in Russia has just wrapped up and believers are thrilled with the results.

Slavic Gospel Association helped sponsor the expedition which took the Gospel all over the country, says Joel Griffith. “The expedition visited about 236 different cities and town across Russia’s 11 time zones. It lasted 221 days. They drove over 60,000 kilometers. They held over 447 different evangelistic meetings.”

Griffith says hundreds of people came to Christ and humanitarian aid was also a part of the trip. He says many government leaders viewed evangelicals as sects. But, he says the expedition did something unexpected. “It gave the evangelical churches a new realm of authority that they’ve never had before and went to allay a lot of suspicion, ‘well hey, these guys must be really alright’ and then when they actually got to hear the message and what they were saying, they could see that a lot of the things that were said about the Baptist simply were not true.”

The fruit of the Gospel Expedition will be of the sort that is revealed over time. Often, Russians do not repond to invitations immediately, but as God works in their hearts, they come forward at later church services to repent — sometimes even in the middile of the sermon.

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