Gospel makes headway through Syrian Bible Project

By March 11, 2014
Syrian Bible Project

VBB is hoping to give 40,000 Syrian refugee families
a Bible in their heart language.
(Image courtesy VBB)

Syria (MNN) — Multiple media reports confirm that nuns kidnapped by Syrian rebels last fall have been set free. The group of Greek Orthodox nuns and Christian workers were released over the weekend in exchange for hundreds of women and children being held by the Syrian government.

Meanwhile, the Lord is continuing to open doors for His Gospel to go forth in Syria.

Vision Beyond Borders says Syrian refugees, many of them Muslim, are hungry for Truth. VBB’s contacts are asking for 40,000 Arabic Bibles to give to refugees who are curious about the Gospel.

A generous donor has agreed to pay half the purchasing cost of the Arabic Bibles. This means VBB can place a complete copy of God’s Word in the hands of Syrian refugees for only $1.22 USD.

Click here to help VBB share God’s Truth with Syrian Muslims. Please put “Syrian Bible Project” in the memo line.

Along with the Bibles, VBB’s contacts are giving clothing, food, and blankets to the Syrian refugee families. All of this aid is being provided in the name of Jesus.

This spring marks three years since pro-democracy protestors took to the streets, and government forces reacted with violence. Protests escalated into an uprising, which then transformed into a full-blown civil war.

According to the UN, over nine million people are directly affected by the crisis in Syria. Thousands have fled into neighboring countries, with more Syrians crossing the borders every day. It’s estimated that Syrian refugees now make up 10% of Jordan’s total population.

VBB first began working with Syrian refugees in 2012, sending 40-foot containers packed with necessities like clothing, shoes, blankets, and medical supplies. Earlier this year, they included winter supplies like heaters, gloves, and scarves in their supply distribution.

As Syrian refugees see Christ’s love in action, they begin to ask questions. VBB says the refugees are very open to the Gospel right now, and God is opening doors for His Good News to reach them.

Pray that as Syrian refugee families receive Arabic Bibles, their hearts will be softened toward the Gospel. Pray that many people will come to know Christ as a result of reading His Word.

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