Gospel opportunities abound throughout the Middle East

By September 6, 2005

Middle East (MNN) — Amidst ongoing tensions in the Middle East, the Gospel is going forth in exciting ways.

Tom Doyle of E3 Partners reports some of the new things that have happened across the Middle East, “We were blessed to train a couple of churches a few months ago, and they have gone out, the believers in the church, everyone got an Evangecube, they’ve started to share with their neighbors and friends and families. And as a result of it a great revival has happened in Jordan, and there are 20 new churches that have been planted since people started getting active and sharing the Gospel.”

It’s through the faithful outreach of Jordanian and Syrian believers who were trained with the Evangecube, and Doyle says they’re planning more training events in the future: “Well in Syria, Jordan and Iraq, those are difficult countries to live in as a believer, but there is a real openness there now among Muslims and nominal Christians who don’t know Christ. There’s lots of opportunities there for evangelism and churches are growing, and so we are blessed this year to go in and train about 10,000 believers in Syria and Iraq and Jordan, to share the Gospel with the Evangecube.”

As believers are trained, they’re reaching out to nominal Christians and Muslims alike, with the Good News of Christ. The Gospel is changing lives and having a great impact even in the midst of the unrest present throughout the Middle East.

Doyle says many are responding: “These days are difficult because of the wars and the conflicts around the Middle East and all the threat level in America and Great Britain, but God’s moving and people are open, and Muslims are open like never before.”

Pray that believers will continue to have boldness to be faithful and share the Gospel.

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