Government of India concerned about persecution against Christians

By May 12, 2005

India (MNN) — At a time when persecution against Christians is running high in India, the government is now taking notice. According to reports, India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has made speeches and has even sent letters to the country’s states asking them to take measures to combat attacks against Christians.

Dave Stravers, the President of Mission India, says this is a miraculous answer to prayer. He points out events that have led to this. “Our own government in Washington has been more and more informed and activated by Christians here who have been drawing their attention to the plight of our Christian brothers and sisters overseas.”

That education may have been responsible for a message sent back to India by the U-S government. “Our State Department recently denied a visa to a prominent Indian politician who was known as an anti-Christian extremist. Those kinds of actions give a message that we want to promote religious freedom among countries that are friendly to us.”

While, this is good news, Stravers doesn’t think the violence will be curtailed any time soon. “There are so many Hindu Indians and Muslim Indians, both, who are open to the Gospel in ways they have never been opened in the last 2,000 years. And, this work of the Holy Spirit seems to be continuing to accelerate. It’s only natural to expect that Satan and the people who are enslaved to him to react.”

Mission India sees this as an opportunity for ministry. They’re doing so through their children’s Bible clubs. 100,000 adults are being trained right now to reach out to them. “We’ll reach about 4-million children this year. These people need support. They need Bibles. They need study materials. They need the training we provide to them.”

Funding is the biggest need right now, says Stravers. “It costs about $1 per child, or about $30 per teacher. So, you can really have an incredible impact. I mean for $100 you can reach 100 children with the Gospel and also train the two or three teachers.”

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