Great-grandchildren of headhunters sing about how God forever changed their tribe.

By January 30, 2006

USA (MNN) — For more than 10 years, the Bibles For the World’s India Children’s Choir has been touring the United States, telling the remarkable story of God’s transforming power in a tribe of headhunters in Northeast India.

Missionaries in 1910 brought the Word of God into the fierce Hmar tribe of headhunters, and five young tribesmen chose to follow Jesus. A church grew up and within two generations, the entire tribe was evangelized. Headhunting was no longer their way of life, but “hearthunting” for Jesus was their new passion.

Each year, Bibles For the World brings a new group of children from the Hmar tribe to perform a musical that shares how Christ and His love radically changed their people. The children are direct descendents of those first believers.

This year’s choir recently began this year’s tour, performing the musical called “Carry the Light.” The children are experiencing their first snow and preparing to share the Truth of the Gospel’s transforming power as they travel the U-S.

If you would like to have the India Children’s Choir sing at your church, contact Bibles For the World through their information listed below.

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