GRTS holds a symposium in the U-S on changing face of missions

By December 21, 2005

USA (MNN) — Cornerstone University’s Grand Rapids Theological Seminary is holding an event that could help mission minded individuals and mission leaders reshape their missions perspective. The first Global Learning Center Symposium at GRTS will be held February 1 -3, 2006 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Doctor Dave Livermoore of the Global Learning Center says the theme is, ‘The Changing Face of Missions.’ He says, “Understanding that the American missionary going overseas is now joined by an international group of missionaries who have been sent out by the church in Russia, by the church in Korea, Brazil and on and on it goes.”

According to Livermoore, this changing face of missions can’t help but impact local churches. “We want to say, ‘how does that change the way a local church would budget. How does it change the way that they think about a missions conference in a year? How does it change the way a missions agency, based here in the United States thinks about sending their missionaries to join an international missions force?”

Livermoore says the symposium is free, a gift to the missions community. In addition to plenary sessions with Dr. Ruth Tucker and Paul Borthwick, the Symposium includes a Leadership Forum on Thursday afternoon. The forum will be a chance for focused conversation with key missional leaders about the implications of the changing face of missions. Thursday evening the focus is upon local church missions committees/teams.

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