Gunrunners raid southern Thailand; ministry safe in the north.

By January 6, 2004

Thailand (MNN)–Thailand’s Prime Minister has harshly criticised security forces for failing to stop a string of weekend attacks in the country’s Muslim south.

Islamic bandits in Thailand executed a series of daring raids on Sunday, in the southern part of the country. They set fire to 21 schools and stormed a military camp armory.
Thailand’s government, struggling to restore order, responded swiftly, taking strong action Monday. The emergency martial law measures allow curfews and emergency detentions.

AMG International’s Larry Malone was reassured that their outreach teams were unscathed. “What has taken place was in a small province next to the Malaysian border. Because of the burning of the schools, the government had declared martial law in that province. But, it will not affect the ministries that AMG is doing there.”

That’s mainly because their work is in the northern part of the country. However, Malone says there were concerns the insurgency could spread. While wary, he explains their work doesn’t interest gunrunners.

“We’re involved extensively with the Lord’s Children’s Ministry, a youth camp ministry, as well as newspaper evangelism scattered throughout the country. As far as being effected by the martial law, we don’t expect any repercussions, whatsoever.”

AMG International is an evangelical mission and relief agency, currently ministering in 55 countries of the world.
Their mission: To give each person at least one opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

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