Haiti faces final battle; believers mobilize to meet crisis head-on.

By February 25, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti’s national crisis is growing as rebels prepared for a final battle with the government.

Insurgents are closing in on the last stronghold of President John Bertrande Aristide, vowing to remove him from power.

The uprising has forced road closures, creating a humanitarian problem.

Looters stole 800 tons of food from the UN World Food Program warehouse. Food For the Poor’s Angel Aloma explains that’s why it’s critical for their staff to continue distribution.

As to risk of rebel attacks, he says, “If hunger was a crisis before, now it has doubled in its urgency. Even in the rebel cities, they’re in need of food so they have realized that there are certain things they should not disrupt. I think one of those things is the influx of food into the island.”

Aloma says their national staff remains determined to keep food distribution running, with an eye cast toward partnering with the church. “By being able to fulfill the material needs of their people, we are empowering them to be able to better give the word of God to those people also, because it is difficult to listen to the word of God with an empty stomach.”

Please pray for believers who remain in Haiti during the turmoil. Many more missionaries have evacuated the area until the crisis is resolved.

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