Haiti rebels say attack imminent; a mission group pulls back.

By February 27, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–The storm surrounding a military coup in Haiti weighs oppressively on the horizon.

Rebel leaders warned people in Port au Prince to stay home, and advised President Jean Bertrande Aristide to leave the national palace immediately or be captured.

The danger forced the Christian Reformed Church pulls its missionaries from Haiti. Michael Bruinooge (brew-negee) with the Christian Reformed Church. “We’ve been monitoring the situation as an event response team for the Christian Reformed Church ministries in Haiti, and determined on Monday night that staff should all be evacuated.”

The CRC has been at work in Haiti since 1975. Bruinooge says the dozen or so missionaries at work now were involved in a number of activities. “Some in strengthening and training church leaders, pastors. Others in working with community improvement organizations, including small businesses, others were teachers at a Christian school.”

Bruinooge says their prayers are with the Haitian nationals during this turmoil and they hope to return when control of the situation is regained.

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