Haiti under a state of emergency as the church moves to stabilize.

By March 8, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti’s Prime Minister declared a state of emergency even as rivals took steps toward resolving the leadership crisis.

A new joint commission, comprising one member from the government, one from the political opposition and one from the United Nations, began selecting a seven member ‘council of wise men’ which will name a new prime minister and government.

More than 2,000 troops deployed ahead of a larger, UN- stabilization force. World Help’s Eric Vess says their partners remained active through the worst of the crisis, but they have concerns about what is yet to come. “World Help is directly involved in helping to fund a feeding program among Pastor Dieusell’s (Estivene) 250 children at his Christian school in Cite Soleil. Our only question in our minds right now is, ‘will the cost of food double or triple because of this problem or will it be a short term issue?”

As poverty and food shortages were bad before the road blocks and riots, there are real concerns that the post-riot scenario spells disaster for food prices.

Vess says they’re able to feed a child in their program for one dollar a day right now, and it goes deeper. “The work of the Gospel spreads out from there. What begins as feeding the basic human need of a child goes far beyond that into feeding their soul and their spirit, giving them the Gospel and following up with their families as well.”

The second phase of the Haitian project, Vess adds, is finishing the building where the work takes place. Currently, both the school and the church meet in a cinderblock shell. World Help is helping to finish the building.

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