Half a century of radio ministry marks renewed evangelistic vision.

By January 16, 2004

International (MNN)–International Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio is now sharing the Gospel in over 180 languages and celebrates 50 years of ministry this year.
Current TWR president Dr. David Tucker was asked if founder, the late Dr. Paul Freed could have envisioned the scope of Trans World Radio’s ministry today. “Paul Freed was a visionary. He would have wanted to reach every boy, girl, man and woman throughout the world. So, I think that he would have been thrilled with what he’s seeing today, because that’s what he set out to do.”

TWR is on the air in more languages than BBC, Voice of America, China Radio International, and Voice of Russia combined. That means they have the ability to reach millions with the hope of the Gospel.

Because almost half the world is illiterate, Dr. Tucker says TWR will continue to provide Bible teaching programs using the latest technologies. “How are we going to reach these people? We’ve built the foundation. The shortwave radios are out there, the medium wave radios are out there. The computers are now out there, the handheld telephones are out there. We can reach people of every strata of society, whether they are very poor and cannot read, or whether they are very educated and are looking for a purpose in this world.”

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