Half population dead in Iran

By December 31, 2003

Iran (MNN) — Reports indicate the death toll could reach 50,000 after last week’s earthquake rocked Iran. The 6.7 quake hit the city of Bam, a city where many of the building were made of mud bricks and mortar.

Christian Relief agency Food For the Hungry is preparing to send help to the region. FHI’s President Ben Homan says, “The city of Bam has been leveled.” He says, “We are releasing some supplies from parts of Central Asia to speed the effort as much as we can.”

While FHI makes every effort to work with the local church, that presence is very small in Iran. “In emergency situations lives are at stake and the church is not a major force in Iran,” says Homan. He continues, “But, people are made in the image of God and they have value and we communicate powerfully when we go into places where the church isn’t.” He says, “We say we love you and greet you with supplies, with warm blankets, housing, with medicines and we do so in the name of Christ.”

Medical teams are needed desperately in Bam. Homan says FHI will be sending in medical team to assist and funding is needed. He says, “What people can do is go to our Food For the Hungry web site which is FH.org and it’ll be plan to see there how people can help.

Homan says, “This is the largest quake, fatality wise, in the last decade.” He’s praying that supplies and people can get in quickly so they can begin helping physically, which can open doors to help spiritually. He says, “This is such an opportunity to extend an olive branch of peace and to provide a setting for dialogue and to care for people with the love of Christ.”

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