Hearts open in Sudan as Christians repair wells

By December 18, 2006

Sudan (MNN) — The continued violence in Darfur and renewed fighting between the north and the south isn’t stopping Living Water International from reaching out physically and spiritually in Sudan.

Living Water International’s Brad Saltzman just returned from the region where they repaired two water wells and told chronological Bible stories. “When we repaired the wells, we had a tree that had benches underneath it and the rest of the team would tell the chronological Bible stories.”

According to Saltzman, the Sudanese people responded favorably. “They learn mostly verbally and don’t do a whole lot of reading and writing and therefore they memorize things much better than we do. And, as our team would share some of the chronological Bibles stories, they would just stand up and repeat the story.”

While Saltzman says there were no professions of faith, the stories did have an impact. “A couple of the guys were sharing the stories with people in the village. So, it was spreading without us.”

Providing water in a community is important. Equally as important is working through the local church. “We go away,” says Saltzman. “We can come in for a few days and do terrific things, but it does empower them to share to continue to share the Gospel.”

The funding you provide makes an eternal difference in the lives of people in Sudan. “We could spend a lifetime in Sudan. The wells have been destroyed through overuse, lack of maintenance, and the civil war.”

$1 provides water for one person for an entire year, but it also allows them to hear the Gospel. Go to http://www.water.cc to help.

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