Heavy rains in Puerto Rico delay a project; can’t stop ministry from growth.

By May 1, 2006

Puerto Rico (MNN)–Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton is excited about the possibilities for ministry growth in Puerto Rico.

Their team has a unique work through WCGB in San Juan being both Christian and community-oriented. He goes on to say, a recent project is opening new doors. “Now it’s 24-hours a day broadcasting relayed from the main station in San Juan.”

Getting it ready to roll proved to be the challenge, though. “The big job they had a week or so ago,” he says, “was taking down the big antenna, which had been there for 20-some years and replace it with a more modern antenna.”

The new structure allows their signal to reach farther than before. In the competitive atmosphere of radio in Puerto Rico, this update was necessary.

Vinton explains such growth works to their advantage, because their approach has a specific niche. “The idea of very good Bible teaching from men like Swindoll and others and local pastors with evangelistic outreach–I think it’s one of the real tremendous accomplishments is that the solid Bible teaching and Scriptural teaching is going out to the entire island.”

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