Help distribute nearly 17,000 JESUS Film DVDs.

By September 13, 2006

Middle East (MNN) — The news media have moved on to other stories, but God’s story is still being played out in the Middle East.

The JESUS Film Project reports their Christian partners in Lebanon have been busy distributing humanitarian aid and the JESUS film to thousands of people displaced by the violence. Donations given to JESUS Film Project have helped meet needs in that war-torn region of the world.

This conflict and tragedy is being used by God as an opportunity to break down barriers of misunderstanding and draw people to Jesus. Many people have been raised with strong misconceptions about Jesus’ followers, but they’re amazed and even joyful, to discover love and compassion.

And, it’s because of the love of Christ shown through His people there, that people in Lebanon are open like never before to hear and understand who Jesus is.

Research reveals that many will excitedly pass the videos from person to person, so that others might experience the power of the story of Jesus, based solely on the Word of God.

The JESUS Film Project hopes you’ll join with them to seize the moment and give these very open people the Gospel, not just in Lebanon, but in other nations in the region affected by the fighting. They’re hoping to distribute more than 16,600 DVDs of the JESUS Film, and they need your help. $35 will help 11 families see “JESUS.”

To donate to this project and help provide “JESUS” DVDs for Lebanon/Middle East, click here

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