Help provide a water well for an orphanage in Guatemala.

By July 20, 2005

Guatemala (MNN) — God is working through short-term missions in amazing ways all around the world.

One such example is a team from radio station WaY-fm, a sister ministry of Mission Network News. The team served with Buckner Orphan Care in Guatemala and visited several orphanages and villages.

The trip transformed each participant, and many are now contemplating major life changes toward ministry and missions. WaY-fm’s Rich Anderson says, “I think everybody should go on a short-term missions trip. I think it will change your worldview. You’ll realize that our God is much bigger than just this American God that we, we kind of put God in a box.”

The team is still thinking outside that box, raising funds to dig a well for a boys orphanage they visited. It’s part of the life-change evoked by short-term missions, says Anderson. “God’s Word says we’re supposed to take care of widows and orphans, and these are orphans. And you know, it’s only 60 boys and in the greater scheme of things, there are whole villages in Africa that have no running water. But this is 60 boys that we got to know, that their lives would definitely be better if they had running water.”

With a new well, the San Gabriel Boys Home hopes to use some of the water to cultivate and farm property they own, in order to teach the boys a skill. They also are looking into selling any surplus to the nearby village, to help support and sustain the orphanage long-term. You can help make a difference in these boys’ lives.

Buckner takes many teams each year to Guatemala and many other places in the world, to meet physical needs, but at the same time taking care of spiritual needs as well. In Guatemala, Buckner doesn’t own the orphanages they work in, but their presence brings the hope and love of Christ as Buckner provides major investments and improvements to serve the kids who live there. If you’d like to be part of a Buckner short-term missions trip, click on the “Go on a Trip” tab on our sidebar.

If you’d like to help contribute to the well project, go to or click on “The Well Is Dry” picture-icon on the MNN homepage.

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