Hindu extremists try to re-convert Indian Christians

By March 10, 2004

India (MNN/WEA) — Christians around the world are being asked to pray for tribal believers in India as radical Hindus are attempting to re-convert them back to Hinduism. These Hindu radical are the same people that the media in India are calling, “Christian-hating fanatics.”

According to the World Evangelical Alliance, radical Hindu groups are targeting 400,000 tribal Christians. Apart from having their feet washed and receiving special clothing, they’re also being given food and in some cases are being promised an education. These activities are taking place despite anti-conversion laws in many states. Reports indicate most of these re-conversion activities are happening under provisions of the Freedom of Religion Act.

Radical Hindu leaders call it a homecoming. They claim Christians are alluring tribal people with money and other promises.

Christian leaders and ministries in India categorically deny bribing tribal people to convert to Christianity. Christians also claim most of the tribal people are refusing the re-conversion attempts, making radical Hindus even angrier. Despite increasing violence against Christians in India, thousands of people in India are turning to Christ.

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