Hindu radicals angry at ruling party in India

By July 6, 2004

India (MNN) — While the government in India appears to be allowing religious freedom, their policies are making their opposition angry. The ruling United Progressive Alliance announced they have replaced four governors, because they are considered political appointees. They were all appointed by the previous government.

The Hindu Nationalists are upset about the changes. One of the governors dismissed was that of Gujarat where hundreds were killed during Christian-Hindu riots in 2002.

However, OMS International’s Ezra Sargunam doesn’t expect the current government to bow to pressure from the Hindu nationalists. He says there’s a reason. “The Prime Minister in charge is from a minority community. He is Sikh. The President of the country is Muslim. The lady who presided over the whole change that has come is a Catholic Christian,” says Sargunam.

With the installation of the new government, it’s put on hold the changes the radical Hindus wanted to make to the constitution. Sargunam says, “The government that (was) in charge, they were contemplating re-writing the constitution to suit the Hindus. One of the things that they had on their agenda was as soon as they came back to power they would pass legislation against funds coming into the country for religious purposes.”

However, the new government has no intention of enacting such legislation. Sargunam says that will allow OMS to continue evangelism and church planting efforts in India.

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