HIV/AIDS is increasing, but we’re not talking about Africa.

By November 10, 2003

India (MNN) — The HIV/AIDS problem is hitting another country with full force, but we’re not talking about Africa — it’s In India. According to reports there are nearly four-point five-million Indians infected with HIV/AIDS prompting experts and government officials to call for urgent action.

World Vision’s spokeswoman Reena Samuel says it seems to be hitting both men and women. “We are seeing a lot of case,” says Samuel. She says, “In terms of figures, we already have 4.5 million people infected.

It may be while before the full scope of the problem is realized. Samuel says, “Because of the stigma and the discrimination that we have that we don’t have people coming out. So, it’s still very quite and not talked about it. But, it surely is growing and it’s at a good rate.”

World Vision is working on several levels. Teaching Biblical moral values and providing loving care, says Samuel.

She says this is providing great opportunities to share Christ. “World Vision’s rule of being with them, standing next to them and saying, ‘we care for you.’ And, that’s what has really been the important thing. They come up and tell us it’s not about money or it not about material things. But, it’s about love that we see here in this place. ”

According to Samuel, World Vision needs more people to join them in their efforts to help those in need. This can be in the form of prayer or financial assistance, but it can also be to physically go and help care for those suffering right now.

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