HIV/AIDS prevalence back on the rise in rural Ugandan areas.

By August 10, 2005

Uganda (MNN)–Uganda’s HIV/AIDS rate appears to be on the rise again. It appears that in rural areas, the rate has been slowly climbing and is now a little over 8-percent.

In the 90’s, the country led the war against the disease, successfully dropping their prevalence rates from nearly 30-percent to around 7-percent. That’s why the newest reports are alarming.

Over 2.3 million children have been orphaned since the epidemic began, losing one or both parents to AIDS. To address this, AMG International’s Paul Jenks says they’ve formed a partnership in southwestern Uganda.

Through it, they’ll launch a new AIDS clinic on August 20th. “We’ve started a project to minister to young girls, especially, but also, some young boys are involved. The older girls, when their parents die, are often given the responsibility to care for their younger siblings.”

Jenks says they’re helping with scholastic school fees, providing health care, the noon meal, and extra food for the family, as funds are available. AMG also recently dedicated a new child development center that still does not have public water or electricity.

Jenks says the clinic will provide both education and medical care to Bugongi, a rural village about 250 miles southwest of the capital city, Kampala.

But, he adds, it’s about more than that. “The whole project is based in our child care ministry and we offer the opportunity both at the clinic and in the childcare facilities for children to hear the Gospel and to respond.”

Many children in Uganda are still in need. AMG launched a sponsorship program that would help provide for their basic needs, and offering them the chance to respond to the life-changing Gospel.

If you’d be interested in helping care for a child at $22 a month, go to AMG’s website by clicking on the highlighted link above.

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