Homeless in the U-S are the focus of outreach

By January 26, 2006

USA (MNN) — There are an estimated 2-million homeless people in the United States. When you’re poor and have nothing, life on the streets turns into a series of frightening questions. Will you eat? Will you find shelter? Could you freeze? This week, thousands of homeless people across the U-S will get help with those questions, but they’ll also be offered something more important — Christ.

Here’s Life Inner City, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, is hand-delivering 8,000 Homeless Care Kits to the homeless.

Here’s Life’s National Director Ted Gandy says, “Homeless Care Kits are everything a homeless person would need to survive temporarily out in the elements. It includes hats, gloves, scarves, warm socks, those types of things, as well as toiletry kits.”

The kits, according to Gandy, aren’t being handed out by just anyone. “Those are being delivered by what we call Christian care givers, individuals who are really concerned about the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless.”

Inner city churches and Christian volunteers in 17 cities are helping with the project. Gandy says this type of outreach is very effective in leading people to Christ. “There are a number of churches and ministries that really try to reach out to the homeless and when they do, they get to know those individuals. And so, there’s a real sense of caring and the ‘we love you’ and so on that’s going out. That’s why these Homeless Care Kits are so important. They’re a tangible expression of what we say verbally.”

Gandy is asking people to pray that these kits will connect with homeless people, motivating them to ask spiritual questions. He also needs your financial help. “We still need a number of those kits to be sponsored. We make a commitment of 8,000 and then by faith we begin to find individuals to sponsor those kits. And, the cost of those kits is $27.”

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