Homes build into an international Christian education.

By April 13, 2004

International (MNN)–The power to build lives around the world comes through a vision born out with a hammer and nails.

Worldwide Christian Schools helps in the development of Christian schools which consistently integrate the teachings of the Word of God for all of life into their educational program.

This commitment arises from WWCS’ profound desire that the Lordship of Jesus Christ will influence the hearts and minds of students everywhere.

WWCS’ President Scott Vander Kooy says their mission takes shape through a unique funding structure. “We call it “Building Hope Worldwide”, and we build homes throughout the United States and sell them at a profit, and then 100-percent of that profit is designated to a particular mission school project.”

It is a first rate home built by the community, often with donated land, materials, and labor. The full profit goes to the mission project with the breakdown looking this way: 85% to a specific school project, 10% is directed to teacher training for that project, and the remaining 5% supports in-field project expenses.

While the U-S dollars’ fall means the money doesn’t stretch as far, Vander Kooy says that doesn’t stop their teams. In fact, “Our record-breaking home raised 161-thousand dollars of net profit and that builds five schools in India, and three schools in the Philippines. Because of that home, and the efforts of the committee that put that home together, 1500 children today are learning about Jesus Christ, five days a week.”

When more than one local church is involved in the Mission Home project, participants benefit from the pleasure of working with a diverse group of Christians toward the common goal of building God’s Kingdom.

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