Hope comes to Nigerian students.

By June 2, 2004

Nigeria (MNN)–An uneasy calm has settled over parts of Central Nigeria, a region wracked by sectarian violence for the last two months.

The 130 million citizens marked the fifth anniversary of their return to civilian rule on Saturday, May 29th, against the backdrop of tension, bitterness and bloodshed.

The church has continued efforts to minister to the surrounding community with varied successes in light of the fighting.

However, local believers and churches of Nigeria responded with great excitement for the Book of Hope during a recent visit.

A Book of Hope Response Team trained over one thousand people in 16 Nigerian states how use the book for powerful evangelism.

The goal is to reach all 52 million of Nigeria’s children and youth with God’s Word in the next seven years. Pray that the newly-trained believers will have God’s anointing as they share the Word with children and youth, and that many students and their families will come to Christ, across Nigeria.

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