Hope is built on a foundation of love in Haiti.

By March 28, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–For Haiti with Love is beginning construction on Pilgrim House #16, now that its predecessor is finished.

The Pilgrim House projects first began with helping a needy family into a home seven years ago. The Pilgrim Lutheran Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, was behind the first project. It was built, dedicated to the Lord and given free of charge to a homeless family all in August 1998.

Most Haitians can come up with a little land, but will never be able to put together the money to build a house. With volunteer help from mission teams, For Haiti can take a family out of a plastic lean-to and give them a home with a roof, sturdy floor and walls and protection.

For Haiti’s goal is to build three homes if the funding provides the opportunity, but there are so many needs. The Pilgrim House project is one of the long lasting witnesses of For Haiti’s ministry.

Putting a family in their own home tells the community that God cares about them and that opens doors for the Gospel. If you’d like to help, contact For Haiti With Love through their information listed below.

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