“Hope” reaches prison inmates in the U-S.

By May 17, 2004

USA (MNN) — It’s a group of people that are sometimes forgotten by Christians. Some believe they’re unable to be reformed through normal means. We’re talking about criminals in the prison system.

Book of Hope International is developing material to help reform them in a supernatural way. Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says, “In conjunction with Prison Fellowship, we’ve created a Book of Hope special edition. The English edition is now completed and now available and in fact, Florida is a pilot program where they will be distributing 25,000 copies to the prison population in Florida.”

Hoskins says this project have far reaching affects. “Demand is really spreading around the United States and now around the world. So, we’re looking at translations into multiple languages to give God’s word through the Book of Hope in a niche version created specifically for prisoners.”

Churches in Florida will distribute the specialty books. However, the world-wide program will have to wait. Hoskins says, “As soon as we can get the funding, hopefully we can roll out the program in other states and around the world to reach the prisoners around the world. Just 33-cents puts the Book of Hope into the hands of one of those prisoners.”

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