Hopegivers responds to train bombings, as court date is delayed

By July 13, 2006

India (MNN) — Local workers with Hopegivers International in Mumbai, India are helping the victims of Tuesday’s train bombing, despite a looming court hearing in nearby Rajasthan. A coordinated series of explosions during rush hour, killed about 200 and leaving 460 injured.

Hopegivers Head of Mumbai Operations, Pastor A.M. Mathew, welcomed wounded blast victims into their nearby orphanage. Staff members are currently providing medical care, food and water for the injured and needy. All in the name of Christ. According to reports, with local hospitals, medical personnel and supplies stretched to the limit, Pastor Mathew’s offer to help has been received with great appreciation.

Pastor Mathew cares for more than 40 orphaned or abandoned children, operates a school, and routinely leads outreaches to Mumbai’s growing street child population. The Bombay Street Rescue program reaches out to child laborers who beg for food and money in the train stations. Many work as child labor cleaning the trains.

There are an estimated 850,000 homeless children living in and around Mumbai, with thousands making their home at the city’s bustling train stations. None of the children or staff in the Hopegivers program were killed or hurt in the terrorist attacks.

Donations to help Pastor Mathew and his team care for victims of the terror attack can be made by calling toll-free 866-373-4673 or online at www.hopegivers.org
For facts about the Bombay Street Rescue or emergency relief, contact [email protected]

The bombings didn’t have an impact on Hopegivers Supreme Court case in Rajasthan. The government attorney never arrived and the judge post-pone the case until July 19th. Now the bail application, transferring of all cases, license, bank accounts, and all civil cases will be heard on the 19th.

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