Hospital growth in Greece paves the way for outreach in the former Soviet Union.

By December 15, 2005

Greece (MNN)–AMG International’s St. Luke’s Hospital, in Thessaloniki, is flourishing and in desperate need of expansion.

AMG’s Bob Gerow (jurow) says they’re on target for things to be ready to roll in less than two years. “The expansion is going to make additional ministry possible. It is a strategic location, because, with the opening of borders and the coming apart of the former Soviet Union, the possibility of reaching into the Balkans and Eastern Europe is very bright.”

The people who come to St. Luke’s receive more than top quality medical attention. Patient and visitor alike are given a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gerow says the hospital’s ministry provides an instant credibility for their workers.

More than that, it offers the chance to grow. “The hospital also has proved to be an effective way of funding other ministries through the hospital, we’re able to support national workers in Romania and Bulgaria so those are the kinds of things that have made the investment 30 years ago into an amazing asset for the Gospel.”

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