How one mission group puts the ‘rubber to the road’…

By September 14, 2004

International (MNN)–There are many cogs in the mechanism of getting missionaries and Bible translators onto the field.

JAARS’ John Marx says he’s responsible for making the rubber meet the road. “Moving the missionary goods to the country that God has assigned them to, we do that not only for Wycliffe missionaries, but any evangelical mission board. So we come actually to your home, and we put the stuff on the truck and we take it to whatever port that it needs to be exported from.”

Last year, JAARS moved nearly 1000 shipments. Marx explains that drivers, mechanics, and warehouse personnel are essential non-traditional support teams. He helps keep a fleet of seven tractor trailers running with the goal of kingdom building. “If we can do that for less cost to each missionary, why then, in essence, what we’re doing is getting them to the field sooner because they’re not out having to raise the funds to ship things out at commercial rates.”

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