Hug therapy goes a long way to outreach in Central Asia.

By December 12, 2003

Central Asia (MNN)–Central Asia’s orphanages face dismal circumstances due to shortage in funds and staff.

Interserve’s Steve Grant is looking to assist the homes in one crucial area. “They basically can just provide the physical care for the kids, but they really don’t have the staff to be able to give the individualized care, the love.”

That can create more long-term problems for both the society and for the children. Grant says his solution was simple and healing. He recruits teams to accompany him to the orphanages. ” I’ve nicknamed the teams that I take in there ‘hug teams’ because that’s really what we’re doing is the supplemental care, and providing something that these kids, who don’t have moms and dads, need.”

Grant says their teams can’t evangelize openly because they’re working in a government-run orphanage, in a predominantly Muslim nation. However, he adds that, “”We have to share mostly with the love that God has put in our hearts by expressing that love. We cannot be directly, outwardly proselytizing.”

The next ‘hug teams’ are going to Central Asia in January, along with supplies and funds for the orphanages.

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