Hundreds make professions of faith in Romania

By July 30, 2004

Romania (MNN) — Economic uncertainty and fear of the future are two issues pushing people to consider their spiritual future in Romania. Because of that,Global Missions Fellowship has seen an inc redible response to their saturation evangelism campaigns in unreached communities in nine regions of Eastern Romania.

GMF’s Dave Bunnell just returned from Romania. He says, “We’ve seen a lot of fruit in Romania this summer and about 220 Americans have worked together with 500 Romanian Christians and (have) seen more than 2,600 people come to Christ. The mother churches that we’ve been working with have also started churches in 34 different communities this summer.”

The number of people coming to Christ has been increasing every year, says Bunnell. “For instance, the number of professions of faith last year was about 1,600 and now it’s 2,600 this year. So, it’s a big increase this year.”

The key to this has been the large number of Romanians involved in outreach. “One of the things GFM does is train churches in the countries to do evangelism, to do church planting, to do discipleship. And we have leadership development classes that will be attended by large groups of pastors and church leaders and we try to motivate them to get involved.”

Nine of the 10 campaigns have already been completed, with the final one scheduled for late August and early September in Romania’s second largest city, Constanta. Bunnell is encouraging Christians world-wide to pray for this campaign, but also pray for the new believers, “as they’re going through a 13 part Bible study that GMF leaves with them called ‘New Life in Christ.’ This is a 13 week study that a mature Christian will be taking them through week by week, teaching them the basics of walking with Christ.”

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