Hurricane Rita taxes a ministry’s response.

By September 23, 2005

USA (MNN)–Many Katrina evacuees wound up in Texas, which is now in Hurricane Rita’s path.

World Vision is making preparations to assist. So far, they’ve helped nearly 24-thousand Katrina evacuees with supplies.

However, Rita’s advance may complicate relief efforts throughout Texas. The category 5 storm is expected to weaken somewhat by the time it makes landfall, but the devastation could still be high.

Rita is projected to scream ashore about 80 miles southwest of Houston early Saturday. The storm’s landfall approach is expected to expose the city to the area where the eyewall packs the most power.

Houston residents were advised to evacuate, and along with the residents, many of the refugees from Katrina. U-S authorities are also moving in anticipation of the damages, still smarting from the criticisms over how Katrina was handled.

The Katrina death toll, meanwhile, shot past 1,000 this week. Tens of thousands of people in emergency shelters in Houston and western Louisiana were also told to leave again.

Faith-based groups are already shoring up humanitarian supports. Motivated by their faith in Jesus, World Vision partners with local churches to better aid the community in need.

Their teams serve the poor as a demonstration of God’s love. Please pray for the teams as they decide how best to help.

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